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Mom’s Guide: Child Athletes

These tips are brought to you by SportFresh

By Olivia Rotondo

Are you a mom of kids who play sports? Check out these tips for keeping up with your all-star. 

Getting to Practice 

If your child needs transportation to get to practice or away games, try working out a carpool schedule with other parents. This allows you and other parents to have some more flexibility, while still supporting your child’s passion for getting involved and being active.

Going to Games

When your kid’s sports team gets their game schedule, try to be at (or have another family member be at) as many games as possible that fit with your schedule. It is important for kids to feel supported and of course, they want to make you proud with their performance. It can be a great way to connect in your relationship. If you have a more hectic schedule, try to be realistic with them and not overpromise if you know you will not be able to make it. 


Uniforms and equipment can get quite expensive. To cut down on costs, try getting hand-me-downs, buying from thrift stores, or finding a good sale. It is also important to take good care of the equipment – which includes cleaning. Uniforms, protective gear, sneakers, and gym bags can get smelly and dirty fast. Eliminate those odors and bacteria by keeping heavy-duty cleaners, like SportFresh, on hand to keep your player fresh on the field. 

Balancing School & Sports

Participating in extracurriculars can be a privilege for students. Often times, grades need to come first before going out to play. If this is the case, create time set aside to focus on homework or tutoring and time for workouts and practice within the week. 

Practicing at Home

In an attempt to nurture their athletic talents at home, try to help them practice in your free time. That could be playing catch, kicking the ball around, or going for a run. It will keep you active and help you participate in their athletic pursuits.