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Fall Health & Wellness Tips

As the seasons change, it is important to shift how we take care of ourselves. Read our tips below for staying happy and healthy throughout the fall and coming winter.

Wash Your Hands

It’s flu season! Keep yourself and your loved ones healthy by washing your hands frequently and cleaning the spaces you frequently touch. Disinfecting your phone, computer, TV remotes, and door handles is always a good idea. 


Cold air can dry your skin out if you don’t take precautions. If your skin is starting to feel dry or ashy, make sure to use a heavier moisturizer. Hands especially are prone to rough texture and cracking. Keep hand cream accessible and lather your hands after washing.

Get Your Flu Shot

To further prevent sick days, get a flu shot at your local pharmacy or doctor’s office – some locations even offer them for free. 

Bring a Jacket or Layer Up

It’s starting to get colder so it is time to adjust your wardrobe. If you are still experiencing in-between weather, bring a jacket with you or layer up before leaving the house so you can adjust as needed, but won’t be caught in the cold or rain. 

Watch Your Carb & Sugar Intake 

As it gets colder we all go into hibernation mode – that means more cravings for comfort food aka high carb and sugary snacks. If you find you are not as active in the fall and winter months, watch your intake for a more balanced diet. The holiday cookies, cakes, pies, dinners, and desserts are just around the corner!

Switch Up Your Exercise Routine 

Stay motivated by switching up your current exercise routine or activity. If you usually run outdoors in the summer months, try running on an indoor track or cardio machines. If you have a multi-step routine, add some new exercise moves or change the order to keep it exciting. 

Pay Attention to Your Internal Clock

As it gets darker earlier and we have fewer sunlight hours, pay attention to your internal clock. If you are feeling tired adjust your sleeping schedule. Consider waking earlier to get more vitamin D or make a point to get outside during the day.