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Creature Comforts we LOVE this Holiday by Life Coach Dana Humphrey 

{ By: Dana Humphrey} Let’s face it the holidays can be a bit crazed sometimes and it’s important to fill your own cup first with comfort and joy, so that it may ooze out on to your loved ones around the many gatherings keeping us busy. Here are a few things that make me smile, whether I am staying home in between festive gatherings or catching some fresh air out and about. 

You had me at cookie! “I Did It all for the Cookies” Tee from HopeWear designs, is festive and fun. I love to stay cozy and try to be cute. Check out these fun, inspirational clothing that inspires & gives back! Get yours at  https://www.hopewearclothing.com/

Rest Easy with the Purple Harmony™ Pillow

I spend a third of my 24 hours a day sleeping! So a perfect pillow is a must. This purple pillow claims to be the greatest pillow ever made, so I had to give it a try. I love to get a good night’s sleep so I can show up my best the next day. No other pillow features this level of sophisticated engineering and innovation.

It was invented in the USA, it’s Hypoallergenic which is amazing because the older I get the more allergies I find myself having, it’s completely Nontoxic  and claims to be durable, we shall see as I tend to really use things! Get yours now at https://purple.com/pillows/harmony

Are you a dog mama? Hook up your pooch with Dog Oil from K9 Naturals.  The K9 Natural Oils can be a delicious addition to your dog’s diet – and can help to entice the most finicky eaters. Made from New Zealand cold-pressed Flaxseed Oil and Hoki Oil, each K9 Natural Oil Supplement Collection contains three samples of their signature oils that benefit skin and coat, hips and joints, and brain and eye health and function. K9 Natural Oil Supplements contain Omega 3 Fatty Acids with EPA and DHA. They are combined with Botanical Borage Oil to provide a natural source of Omega 6 to help maintain a healthy immune system while also adding a flavor boost to their everyday meals. Basically all the good stuff to keep your dog thriving. The K9 Natural Oils are a great way to treat your best friend this holiday season.  K9 Natural Oils are available  at www.k9natural.com

Kitty got your heart? My Chance and Sassy kitty cats are super spoiled, because they bring me joy all year round. They are able to find their presence in each and every moment and are always goofing off. I love to treat them with a little extra special treat from time to time like cat milk. Feline Natural removed the lactose so it’s completely safe. They come in these cute milk bottles, which you can pour into a bowl to give them a few slurps of deliciousness and save the rest in the refrigerator for later, or another day that week when they give you that charming look. Feline Natural Holiday Season Milk Box is available exclusively at www.felinenatural.com

Stay cozy friends! 

By Life Coach Dana Humphrey. 

“living your life like it’s golden”