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Who Is Your Favorite Superhero?

{ B y Miranda Martin }

As San Diego Comic-Con comes to a close (with some impressive trailers, panels, and easter eggs left behind to start geeking out!), we wanted to catch up with our SCREAMER community members and ask them one not-so-simple question: “Who’s your favorite superhero?”

This may seem easy to some, but for others, it was hard to choose just one! Catch our community members’ favorite superheroes below, and share yours with us in the comments, too:

  • “Will I be banned for life if I say I don’t follow Comic Con? Just kidding! But, I love Superman, because – Henry Cavill. Nuff said.”
  • “Anakin Skywalker aka Darth Vader – he’s misunderstood and villainized, but if you understand his back story, you will find he has some hero in him as well.” (So true!) 
  • “I love Jean Gray for her fighting spirit and willingness to give everything up for her team.”
  • “The X-Men! A symbol of diversity and inclusion in an ever-changing world.” (Loving the X-Men love here!)
  • “Wonder Woman. I love the costume.”
  • “Wonder Woman…because Girls, we run the world!” (Yes, queens!) 
  • “I’ve never been much into superheroes, but definitely have to say Wonder Woman!”
  • “Wonder Woman, I mean, need I say more?”
  • “I love Batman! So dark and introverted! Definitely my favorite.”
  • “Batman because he is a badass, but also shows his vulnerable side.”
  • “My son. He never ceases to amaze me. He is brave when he doesn’t know it. Always encouraging others. He has made me a better person.” (Now, this one melted our hearts!)