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Meet the Incredible Priscilla Loomis

{By: Samantha Former Olympian turned entrepreneur, Priscilla Loomis is trying to bring some well-needed change into this world. Before hanging up her cleats, Loomis was a professional track and field star who set records and became a hall of famer. In 2015, Loomis set a new record for the high jump and was named the Female Athlete of the Year for the Outdoor World Championship. In 2016, she competed at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

Although COVID-19 cut her Olympic career short, Priscilla Loomis was able to have a positive mindset. Loomis founded the “Frederick Foundation” to help provide single parents with educational needs for their children. Along with the foundation, she also owns her own cleaning company, hosts fitness classes, advocates for wellness, and is a motivational speaker.

Priscilla Loomis’ positivity has led her to be the very best version of herself and has inspired others to do the same. 

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