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Cheldin’s Scream: Stop Shrinking to Places You’ve Outgrown

Stop Shrinking to Places You’ve Outgrown

While going through the early stages of our life and career, we are often told to “pay our dues”. As we grow and gain more experience, and our goals change, we must remind ourselves to acknowledge our past, but move on to get closer to where we want to go.

Old habits and mindsets do not open new doors. When you reach a place where you know your worth and what spaces you thrive in, it is not in your favor to shrink down to a space you have outgrown. Don’t keep paying your dues when your bill is paid.

Do not question your capabilities or stray off of your path, just because someone wants your time and effort. If it doesn’t make sense for your growth moving forward, it may not be worth your time. Instead, acknowledge your accomplishments and get closer to SCREAMING YOUR DREAM!

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