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Cheldin’s Scream: Strive for Progress, Not Perfection

If you are a perfectionist, you feel as if your work is never done. Sometimes we do not even take a second to reflect & acknowledge what we have accomplished and instead keep going on and on trying to reach the idea of perfection that we have created in our heads. 

This state of mind can be very tiring and causes us to beat ourselves up because we operate with the belief that our work and our accomplishments are never enough. Those of us who are perfectionists need to change our way of thinking. We must strive for PROGRESS, not perfection. 

If we are able to acknowledge that everything in life is a process we can start to appreciate the small victories (or even the big ones we have overlooked) and celebrate that we are making progress toward our bigger goals. When you aren’t racing towards perfection at every step of your journey, you can actually learn from your mistakes instead of rushing to your next step without any lessons learned.

So remember to pause and find calm when you start thinking about what’s next and shift your focus to the present. Give yourself time, patience, and kindness and never expect perfection on your first try. Focus on your growth and the progress will come.