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Cheldin’s Scream: Respect the Process

Respect the Process

Often times we find ourselves claiming skills and titles that we do not currently hold to prove to ourselves and others we are worthy of higher stature. We decide to believe that we can “fake it until we make it”. In this attempt to prove ourselves, we actually do ourselves a disservice and lie about our true status because we have dissatisfaction with where we are lower on the totem pole. If you are not a strategist, manager, or CEO do not claim to be one. Cheating the system does not allow you to grow how you think. 

Unfortunately, only time will lend you the expertise and experience you are chasing, so respect the process. Put in the work where you are and keep those positions as your goals. Understand that you still have something to offer where you stand. Instead of lying on your resume or LinkedIn, take the steps to earn those skills and accomplishments.

The experience you will get taking those steps will help you get to where you want to be – THEN you can actually offer what you claim to be. So take a minute to pause and honestly evaluate where you are in order to get on the right track to where you want to be.