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Working remotely forever? Maybe so.

{ By Miranda Martin }

Many companies are switching to a permanent “work-from-home” model, which means more and more business professionals will have the freedom to live and work wherever they choose. One pro of this shift could be that smaller cities and nomadic lifestyles will be given a slight advantage over traditional, more expensive cities (even though I love NYC and LA– I cannot lie!), meaning that you and yours will potentially have the freedom to explore what part of the country (or the world) you want to live in, if not spend a long time traveling (as long as there’s WiFi). 

If you could work remotely indefinitely, a nomadic lifestyle would allow you to see parts of the country or world you’ve never seen before; expanding your horizons but also shifting your perspective, maybe, and showing you where you want to put down roots when the time comes.

Trading in a commute and a house or apartment for a mobile lifestyle

To build on the idea of a potential “forever work-from-home” scenario, I find myself asking: would I like to trade-in a commute (and thus, my apartment) for a permanently mobile lifestyle? It may sound crazy, but hear me out: recently, one of my colleagues in business packed up her apartment, bought an old airstream (off-setting the cost of rent for the payments), and transformed it into the cutest, most fun looking mobile home I have ever seen. 

Now? She has the freedom to work at any campground she chooses (as long as there’s WiFi), and she spends her days taking Zoom meetings in a hammock in the mountains, or sitting by the fire, or however she wants, essentially. That sounds pretty sweet to me, and though it wouldn’t be without its own set of challenges, she seems happier than ever.

I don’t have the definitive answers of if this lifestyle is right for you (or me and my husband, or anyone), but there are definitely clear pros to consider when asking if a nomadic lifestyle is right for you, especially in the wake of COVID-19 and an ever-changing work landscape.