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Spring Cleaning Tips… even with the snow.

{ By Miranda Martin }

It may still be snowing outside in some places, but I’ve been itching to get a jump on spring cleaning this season. If you’re like me and looking for some spring cleaning inspo, or wondering “how am I going to tackle all this?!”, fear not– here are some tips and tricks to make spring cleaning more manageable and to get it done as the weather warms up this spring.

Spring cleaning tips: take it a step at a time

This is one of the most important considerations I have every spring, IMO, and it keeps me from going insane looking at the mess in front of me– to put it simply? Take it one step at a time. 

Yep, that’s right– you don’t have to clean everything, 100%, right this second– you can take your time, and take on one small task at a time. Say you start by dusting every room in the house, and that’s all you get done today. Well, that’s okay! That’s one task down, and one less task to consider later.

When you take tasks one day or one step at a time, they seem way less overwhelming than a full day of intense cleaning and organizing, and you can even spread your spring cleaning out over all of Spring Break (if you’re skipping out on a vacation this year), or over the matter of the entire month of March if you need to. And that’s okay! Do what you can, when you can, and get everything done in more realistic, manageable chunks. This method has done wonders for me in recent years, and I highly recommend it.

Spring cleaning tips: Marie Kondo’s method

Something that really revolutionized the way I clean and organize in my own home was watching Marie Kondo’s Netflix series and reading her books. In particular, the way Marie Kondo talks about clearing items out of our homes and lives that don’t “spark joy” in us really lit a fire in me and moved me to donate many, many pieces of clothing I’d scarcely worn and other items I knew that didn’t “spark joy” in me, but that others would love and get far more use out of.

If you’re going through your closet, consider donating those pumps you only wore once, or that dress you “liked” in the store but never took the tags off of. If things aren’t sparking joy it’s okay to let them go, and that wisdom is at the core of Marie Kondo’s highly-effective cleaning and organization method.

So, ready to get started? Don’t get overwhelmed, remove items from your area that doesn’t “spark joy”, and start fresh this spring.