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Host Your Own Show!


4 Shows | 7 to 15 MinutesSegments

On Location or In Studio  | Shot within a 4 Week Period

i-g creative, the producers of – This is it with Cheldin – would love to assist you and your business in creating an engaging and interactive online, digital video series.

In the new digital age – CONTENT IS KING– and we have the ability to help you in communicating effectively and regularly to your ideal target market by aiding you in producing and distributing captivating yet entertaining online videos and content.

Initial Start Up Kit

  • Client Photo Shoot
  • Show Introduction Clip (30 seconds)
  • Graphics – Slides, Lower Thirds
  • Assistance with Show Concept and Creation
  • Assistance with Set Design
  • Client responsible for additional set needs and specific décor

Monthly Production

  • Monthly Production Meetings
    • Meetings to include show themes, guest coordination, content creation, etc.
  • One Full Day of Production per Month = 4 Shows
  • Access to This is it TV Studio – Philadelphia, PA
  • On Location Filming Optional
***Limited Trade Options Available***

Marketing and Distribution 

  • Boosted Weekly Advertisements on Facebook.com/ThisisitTV
  • Promotional Tab on This is it TV Facebook Page
  • Client Show to be Distributed Weekly through Facebook.com/ThisisitTV
  • Weekly Mentions on This is it with Cheldin Barlatt Rumer
  • Client Website Link on ThisisitTV.com
  • Monthly Client Blog Post
  • Monthly Social Media Marketing from This is it TV Platforms
  • 4 Posts Facebook, 4 Posts Instagram and 4 Posts Twitter

Live Shopping


  • 30 Minute LIVE Shopping Segment
  • Product Display and Demonstrations
  • Brand Representative Interview and Included in Segment
  • Shopping Link Shared in Comments and Post
  • Logo and Brand Inclusion

Daily Mentions


Monday through Friday | 10 Show Packages

Campaign Includes

  • (10) Host Mentions within This is it TV Interview Segments
    • 1per segment
  • (10) Branded Slides at Begin of This is it TV Interview Segments
    • 1 per segment
  • (20) Logo Inclusions within This is it TV Interview Segments
    • 2 per segment
  • (10) Branded Slides at ENDof This is it TV Interview Segments
    • 1 per segment

Promotional Videos


7 Minute Viral Video
Ideal with Social Media and Online Marketing

Video Contents

  • Client Creative Slides with Logo Inclusion
  • Produced Interview with Preapproved Questions
  • Edited Piece with “Call to Action” and Contact Information
  • Segment to live on ThisistitTV.comand its Social Platforms
  • Segment to be included in This is it TV Episode

Content Creation


  • 7 Minute Edited Branded Segments
  • Brand Specific Content Featuring Product or Brand
  • Product Display and Demonstrations
  • Content Shared on This is it TV Platforms | ThisisitTV.com
  • Rate Includes All Production, Location Fees and Styling

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