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In The Nest

with Jodi Silverman

Welcome to In The Nest with Jodi, your weekly dose of real moms having real conversations about real life stuff. The mom stuff doesn’t end just because the kids have left the nest! There will be one to one chats with moms and occasionally we will gather as a group  “At The Table™”, In the Nest™ and weigh in on some parenting dilemmas we face during empty nest & beyond. It’s all about giving moms a voice and support around all that comes with being a mom in the empty nest season of life and beyond!

Jodi is on a mission to support the empty nester and soon to be empty nester mom in moving through the loss and sadness of this life transition to discover the opportunities that are waiting for her.  Through public speaking, In The Nest™ with Jodi Show, and The Moms Who Dare® Community, I help moms answer that nagging question they all are left with during when the kids leave…NOW WHAT?   Isn’t it time for you to discover and live your BEST LIFE; your DARING LIFE?   All you have to do is DECIDEit’s time!


To DARE ON follow Jodi on Instagram @Jodi_Silverman @MomsWhoDare and log onto her website. https://jodisilverman.com for more information.