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THIS IS IT NETWORK, is a national, female and minority owned digital TV network based in Philadelphia, PA. Our engaging lineup consists of 17 independent programs hosted by an array of captivating personalities and professionals.

As of April 2020, we will be looking to highlight and promote 100 remarkable women from across the United States. Through the art of “storytelling,” THIS IS IT NETWORK delivers entertaining yet motivating messages while celebrating the entrepreneurial spirit and encouraging viewers to #ScreamTheirDream! Our vast online programs connect our growing community to influential trendsetters, exciting products, new services and inspiring stories.

We will provide the selected women with an engaging and interactive platform to share their stories, promote their personal projects, missions and businesses. Cheldin Barlatt Rumer, CEO and Executive Producer at THIS IS IT NETWORK has dedicated her career to providing female entrepreneurs with positive outlets and tangible resources to better support their personal brands and growing businesses.