Maria Campbell, Creator, Cooks Who Care Community

chefOnce, art and Philadelphia were synonymous. Sadly, today art class instruction in public schools is often the first item to get cut from school budgets. Your support will have a major impact on our future artists and the cultural life in Philadelphia in neighborhoods who need it most. Join our community today and keep places promoting positive expression.

To help nurture our future artists and support the volunteer organizations who work with them, we have created a local Art & Food Event where 60% of the proceeds will benefit one urban city youth organization of our choosing. We work together with food businesses to keep arts alive in under-served areas to support the arts in low-income neighborhoods.

We host an annual event with over 12 Impact Champion Chefs in the city competing to demonstrate how Art & Food are related. Join us Dec. 8th 2016 from 6-8:30 p.m. for an for an art and food experience never seen before in Philly.

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